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Men With Chips "Attention Spent" LP

Men With Chips "Attention Spent" LP


Side A: And Counting, Glaucous, You Now, Ardrossan, Heavy Time, Right Position
Side B: Close To The Bone, Solution, Don't Party, Echo Chamber (Nan's Mix), Con-spicous, Wrigley's


Thick & chunky with a Black Eye / Aberrant sauce. 400 only. “Songs throb and stab, each seeming uneasy in a Riley-era FALL way, that classic panic conveyance mode we all love & fear. A creepy, rough tickle.” - Mitch Cardwell (MRR)

An agitated alliance of atonal string, wind and percussion.
Adelaide’s insoluble MEN WITH CHIPS submit to scanners this battered platter. Sharp implements smothered in a dry-retch resonance, shoved into corrugated tubs. Like when Jim Barnes and Don Cherry went into the landscaping racket together but it didn’t work out.

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