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Misfits "Last Caress Live In Detroit 1983 FM Broadcast" LP


Side A: Intro, I Turned Into A Martian, Skulls, All Hell Breaks Loose, Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?, London Dungeon, Horror Hotel, Ghoul's Night Out, Wolfs Blood, Last Caress, Demonomania, Devil's Whorehouse

Side B: Horror Business, Astro Zombies, Violent World, Hate Breeders, Who Killed Marylin, Nike A Go-Go, Attitude, Night Of The Living Dead, Vampira, Devilock


Danzig and the rest of Lodi, New Jersey's finest horror punk heroes rolled into Detroit on their 1983 tour, broadcasting live on WCBN. Featuring tracks from their first two legendary LPs, this is absolutely crucial, ripping early Misfits

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