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Misled Youth "S/T" 7"

Misled Youth "S/T" 7"


Side A: Waste, Your Life, Parasite
Side B: Deadbeat, Nothing Left


Hailing from Washington, DC, Misled Youth holds nothing back as they rip through 5 songs in under 6 minutes with nothing but pure, fast Hardcore. Featuring members of other powerhouse bands such as Coke Bust and Meth Lab, the intensity and urgency displayed on the band's debut 7" is not unlike the member's other projects, but with it's own unique identity. Strong influences from Youth Of Today, Poison Idea, and early 2000's DC Hardcore such as Striking Distance are all apparent in Misled Youth's sound, blending together for a new take on a classic style of Hardcore. Split release with Refuse Records.

"In the long, proud (and, in this case, pissed) tradition of DC hardcore, MISLED YOUTH has come at us with a respectable debut EP that epitomizes the anger and frustration of scene politics, worthless people, and giving up. Taking a page out of the BLANK STARE playbook, there are no veiled threats or overarching critiques, only direct accusations and short, nasty fucking songs. This thing is over before you know it, and as a courtesy to your roommates I would remove any breakables from the room before you drop the needle on this sucker. It's like that. Members of COKE BUST and METH LAB trading blast beats for more traditional hardcore punk fuckery. A scorcher, don't sleep." - MRR

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