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Mongoloid "Plays Rock And Roll" LP

Mongoloid "Plays Rock And Roll" LP


Side A: Scene Sucker, American Nomad, Mongoloid Part 2, Mongoloid Part 3, Attends

Side B: Not Like You, Piece Of Shit, Dick In The Dirt, Slam Pig

BIG UGLY ROCK MACHINE rears its disgusted head out in a 17 minute fit of speed and beat. MONOGOLOID MONGLOID MONGOGLOID play to the tune of you spilling your drink as you fumble for your footing. Blitzed out guitars play in an echo of this world's upset youth- bringing a giant wake up call to the vapid and empty headed rather than the more common "MA AND PA SCREW OFF!!" Yeah some how that collosal man with a skin head found a marching whistle and the beat to back it all up in this upset display of HARDCORE played the way it was meant to be.

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