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Moonscape / Unarm "Split" 7"



Honestly speaking, I do not want to write down details about the contents, but it is a word that is a monthly word but one that can be said to be the best. And it is a work which can be said that it becomes one important piece not only in 2017 but also in the release of the hardcore punk band all over the world in recent years. There is no doubt that everyone involved in this song has both purity and madness, and that their actions and words have strong power.

It is artwork by Alexander Heir who is also a member of LOTION to further shine it. He shaped us well what we wanted.
There may also be some people you know, but I made a tape on the UNARM West Coast Tour that was held in the summer of this year but we could not make it in time, but provided artwork despite sudden response I am also thankful for the tattoo artist Joe Chatt who fly around the world I was wondering if someone saw him in the picture by digging the "CS" logo at the last show of Crazy Spirit.

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