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Perikato "Kuka Hyötyy?" LP

Perikato "Kuka Hyötyy?" LP



A1 Kuka Hyötyy?
A2 Edullista Huomista
A3 Kastraatio
A4 Suuri Jälleentuhoaminen
A5 Natokiima
A6 Maa
A7 Tuhon Rihmasto
A8 Neukkusimulaattori
A9 Geneettinen Käsky
B1 Uusliberaalin Unelma
B2 Hyvinvoinnin Ongelma
B3 Hyödytön
B4 Tasa-arvon Kupla
B5 Huono Tuote
B6 Bileet Piilaaksossa
B7 Viimeinen Salakaato
B8 Pienen Miehen Taistelu
B9 Korjausliike


In the vocabulary of Svart Records the word "hardcore" has no connotations to metal or adult entertainment. Instead, the word brings up images of mohawk-waving punks in studded jackets with amps cranked to eleven, blasting out burst of riffs played at speeds which break necks and damage hearing.

Enter PERIKATO, three years after their last 7 inch, with a full length album. The members have been busy with other bands such as Kohti Tuhoa, Speedtrap and Horse Latitudes. Perikato's means of expression is classic hardcore punk in an early eighties style, often compared to bands like Kirous, Isterismo, Wretched. At times the foursome's pummeling onslaught borders on power violence, even.

Although one might think that for a genre as relentless as hardcore punk seven inch EPs might be the best dosage, Perikato possess enough creativity to capture one's attention for the entire span of these 18 tunes.

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