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Prag "S/T" 7"

Prag "S/T" 7"


Side A: Gas, Black Orgasm

Side B: Lavabo Del Hospital, Winter Mute


"Perth punks PRAG unleashed 4 tracks of unhinged mutant hardcore. The nasty sounds of this EP are a hybrid of Finnish Hardcore circa 1982, Japanese low production flexis from the ADK days and Spanish heavy hitting hardcore. All blended with a healthy DISORDER vibe and a rat sounding GERMS style vocalist. All in all a damaging piece of pogo inducing hardcore-punk with a teeth cutting guitar tone, a wall of reverb and an urgent beat. File next to GLAM, DESTINO FINAL, CRAZY SPIRIT or SEXUAL.

The EP comes housed in a reverse board pocket sleeve with a hard card insert, both designed by Brvce which manages to match perfectly music and graphics on this release." La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

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