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Process Of Elimination "S/T" 7"

Process Of Elimination "S/T" 7"


Side A: Won't Comply, Delete

Side B: Want



Process of Elimination – a noise-oriented punk project from California – and their three-track “Won’t Comply” EP. It’s truly a musical abnormality, which is rather appropriate considering the band’s cassette was originally released by Abnormal Broadcasting: a DIY label known for putting out cassettes from assorted Californian punk acts, including Sunk, The Snails, The Must, P.E.A.R.L., Race Car, S.B.F., Maricón, Phoebe, and a few others. Process of Elimination is not unlike the majority of bands in their catalog, incorporating dense, blackened guitar tones in the vein of hardcore, albeit with a lighter, delirious approach delineated by swirling, metallic noisemakers, pulsing, mechanical drumbeats, squeal-prone riffs, and reverb-drenched wails emanating from a less-than lucid vocalist, making it more of a new wave-like expenditure than an outright hardcore slobberknocker – in a sense it’s almost like a dorkier Sunk, meaning it’s similarly engrossing and raunchy by nature. Clocking in at a mere five minutes, Process of Elimination’s debut EP is an unconventional deviation – however primitive it may be –  from the by-the-numbers hardcore formula, which is perfectly suited under the Neck Chop umbrella.

Reverse Board Jackets, Black Vinyl, Two-sided Risograph Inserts (Oddities Prints)

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