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Race Car "Build Your Own Go Kart" 7"

Race Car "Build Your Own Go Kart" 7"


Side A: 911! Dang Wolf, Government Funded Terror Lunch

Side B: I Just Want A Go-Kart, I.S.S. Is For Me

Chipboard jackets with a two sided risograph insert done by Oddities Prints


The guttural snarls of a vicious, rabid vocalist clawing at your throat. The crisp, punchy cadence only a live drum set could conjure. The penetrating, sharp-tongued lyricism spearheading songs covering topics most are too afraid to speak up on.  With California’s Race Car, you get absolutely, positively, UNDOUBTEDLY, fucking none of that – not unless you consider songs about go-karts and in-school suspension to be “touchy”. No, you instead get four steaming, shitspeckled hot ones from a wannabe cowboy – Raymond A.K.A. “Shrink Ray” – armed with nothing more than a drum machine, twang-loaded guitars, various mechanical noise-makers, and more importantly, an intense hankering for SPEED. No, not the amphetamine, I’m talkin’ SPEED: Race Car’s customary unit of measurement for HOW HARD HIS MINI-GAS-GUZZLERS TEAR UP SUBURBAN STREETS. Believe me, the quirky, garage-y nature of these pastoral earworms won’t detract from how much these songs’ll rip up the highway to your earholes, “hombre” – these records might as well be soaked in gasoline. Unlike Raymond’s later project, S.B.F., you’re not gonna want to expose this four-track EP to an open flame. Grippin’, rippin’, and straight-up scorchin’.

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