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Rashōmon "Demo 2017" 7" Rashomon

Rashōmon "Demo 2017" 7" Rashomon


Side A: Intro, Develop And Genocide
Side B: Corpse Syndrome, New Horizon


"Rashōmon are perhaps the most exciting new band to emerge from the latest wave of DC hardcore. Out of all the "NWODCHC" tagged groups, I felt like most have lacked any kind of endearing sound and have felt like projects to exercise a take on a particular sub-sub genre. That feeling aside, Rashōmon have been turning heads with this excellent four song demo, and for good reason. The group incorporates a few older DCHC heads (guys from Aghast, Sick Fix, etc. - though hardly any of that sound is present) with younger folks from Kombat and Misled Youth, fronted by the energetic Kohei Urakami. The sound here isn't precisely Japanese, nor by the numbers hardcore, also incorporating some metallic guitar licks that don't overpower the beat. A truly exciting demo one of the best new bands currently operating out of DC." - Sam Richardson

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