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ROHT "S/T" 7"

ROHT "S/T" 7"


Side A: Strakarnir Okkar, Refur Lygur, Vinna

Side B: Hittu Mig I Helviti, Svin I-II

Stomping isolationist noise punk with a raging undercurrent of industry and primitivism from Reykjavik. This new ep, their first, shows a much noisier and angrier side of what was once an industrial solo project. All sung in Icelandic. Along with Dauðyflin, these folks are fostering a cold hardcore outsider vibe in a place that has had a rich tradition of punk/pop that's not widely known for it. A truly exciting discovery. Never under estimate the remote reaches of our community, you'll be zapped every time. 500 copies of heavy duty lacquer mastered black vinyl and glued pocket sleeve with art by Þórir Georg sit inside a hand embossed sealed envelope. A pure record.

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