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Scientists "A Place Called Bad" 2xLP

Scientists "A Place Called Bad" 2xLP


LP 1: Frantic Romantic, Shake (Together Tonight), Shadows Of The Night, It'll Never Happen Again, Last Night, It's For Real, Pissed On Another Planet, Blood Red River, This Is My Happy Hour, Swampland, Set It On Fire, We Had Love

LP 2: Nitro, Solid Gold Hell, It Came Out Of The Sky, Atom Bomb Baby, Hell Beach, Raver, Demolition Derby, Murderess in A Purple Dress, If It's The Last Thing I Do, Human Jukebox, Cheap & Nasty, Johnny Is A Heartbreaker, Hit & Run, Stolen Property

With a sound that was swampy, primal and modern-urban all at once - as much in the tradition of rock n' roll and punk rock as it was a rejection of those things, the Scientists' formula was as universal as it was specific to their own experience. The themes of getting wasted, driving around in hotted-up cars, being trapped in crap jobs, and paranoia were their subject matter. Machine throb bass and drums with jagged car-wreck guitars were their modus operandi. Fitting into no place or time they spurned all but the most rudimentary and elemental of rock structures to create a sound all their own."The Scientists proved to me that rock 'n' roll could be played by gentlemen in fine silk shirts half unbuttoned and still be dirty, cool and real." —Thurston Moore"They wrote fantastic singles and looked like they just crawled out of the ooze. What more could you ask for?" —Warren Ellis"The Scientists turned my head around and made a man out of me! They grew hair on my palms and made my socks stink!" —Jon Spencer

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