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Sex Drive "S/T" 7"

Sex Drive "S/T" 7"


Side A: Hate Home, Chance

Side B: Sex Driven, Stupid Dummy, Australien


Sorry for the price - these were expensive to import from Australia. This is a one-time shot so if you want these, grab em now. LIMITED TO 200!

You’ll go a long way to find a young punk band as exhilarating as Sex Drive. To the Gold Coast, in fact. Not that we’ve had to travel far to see them.

Sex Drive have been regular visitors to Sydney since forming two years ago in drummer Jake Sthapit’s garage. Their gigs here have been a blur of blood, glitter and pheromones, dirty deeds, blown-up PAs and killer tunes, KBD punk, old-school hardcore and garage rock.

The foursome – Jake (drums), Jai Wallace (bass), Benaiah Fiu (guitar) and Beau Kearsley (vocals) – have just released their debut 7″ through Sexy Romance Records, who also released the band’s essential demo of 2015.

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