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Shapes , The "Blast Off" 7"

Shapes , The "Blast Off" 7"


Side A: Airline Disaster
Side B: Blast Off

Tenth reference of Paramecium Records and this time we serve you a single from the first English band released by Good Vibrations, the Shapes.
It was his second and last reference in our beloved era (in the 90's Overground Records he released a great compilation).
Perhaps the best way to describe the record, the group, the label and why we are in this, is to tell how Terri Hooley signed the Shapes.
How? Endless meetings? Offering large amounts of pounds?
No, no ... Terri Holley went to Leamington Spa and with large amounts of beer at The Warwick Arms the deal was made.

It contains two great songs: Blast Off and Airline Disaster, and was released in 1980.
Drink some beers and listen to it!

Remastered by Chuck Warner in Hyped to Death.

Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1980 / Reedition date: 12/2013
Seal: Sofa Records / Good Vibrations

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