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Subhumans "Time Flies / Rats" Gatefold LP


Side A: Get Out Of My Way, First Aid, Word Factory, People Are Scared, Susan, I Don't Wanna Die, Everyday Life, Work-Rest-Play-Die

Side B: Joe Public, Labels, When The Bomb Drops, Rats

Bluurg records are proud to announce the reissues of the SUBHUMANS back catalog. Remastered and presented in a deluxe digipacks (CDs) and gatefold sleeves (LPs) with all original artwork, these re-releases give you another chance to hear one of the original UK punk bands at their very best. Time Flies/Rats is the third release by the Subhumans. It was originally two Eps, later combined to make this album, released in 1983 on Bluurg records.

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