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Suburban Homes "EP 3" 7"

Suburban Homes "EP 3" 7"


Side A: Magazine, What It's Really About
Side B: Corporate Hijack, City Life


Prior outings on Total Punk and their own Market Square imprint posited The Suburban Homes as torchbearers of classic-form UK punk & DIY, efficiently launching sharp shocks in the spirit of SWELL MAPS and DESPERATE BICYCLES at today’s less economic and terribly busy punk forms.  The lot’s accusive and anarchic sound snaps further toward pop on Magazine Version, their latest small-dose offering.  A considerable part of The Homes’ wonder lies in their knack for making the familiar sound fresh, jutting the foundational chatter and unrest of their influences up against the exasperations of the modern day.  This approach sparks the current running throughout this EP, roused most via the title-track, where today’s proclivity toward pre-packaged easiness is gnashed apart, exposing the lazy and lame core of consumer culture.  Vitriolic enough, dear mates???  You’re all about this.  You’re all about that.  But what it’s really all about is fuck all.  Hear The Suburban Homes now or lead a terminally gutted existence.  The choice is yours, as if you had one. - Mitch Cardwell

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