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Suspense "Murder With An Axe" 7"

Suspense "Murder With An Axe" 7"


Side A: Crazy Sod, Heroin Child

Side B: Welfare, Murder With An Axe


"I remember getting a letter from one of the DISORDER members who asked me to re-record him the SUSPENSE ep, because the song ' Crazy Sod'  got cut off before it ended. As a lot of punk bands, the NEO PUNKZ were influenced a lot by DISCHARGE (and not only musically) and in comparisation to the first ep, they sped up and had a distinct UK82 in sound (as well as their appearance). The subtitle of this record is; ' the end of the NEO PUNKZ , this is SUSPENSE'. They replaced one of the guitar players, recorded 3 fast songs and one longer and much slower one.

Again, this is one of the milestones in Dutch punk history and boy, don't they look good in studs and leather. Essential." - La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

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