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Testors "Complete Recordings 76-79" 2xLP


Side A: Primitive, You Don't Break My Heart, Let's Get Zooed Out, It's Only Death, Hey You, I See, M.K. Ultra, Stall, Don't Tell Me, Voltaire, Rainy Night

Side B: Detention, Madras Prison, Remembrance, Motor Drive, Purpose, Oriental Actors (Primitive), Scary

Side C: Time Is Mine, Together, Primal Call, Sick On Yesterday, Ex, Break It Down, Greedy Fuckers, Black Book, Lust Or Love

Side D: Bad Attitude, Full Circle, (This) Time Is Mine, Tracy McPrichtease, I'm Allowed, Crazy Lazy Jane, Nice To Your Dog, Good Stuff, She's Not Changed, Lonely Nights


Official and worldwide exclusive re-release of "Complete Recordings" double album on SWAMI back from 2003, even with few more songs - a total of 37 tracks with a download code! Double LP


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