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Thirteen "Girls Aren't the Same" 7"

Thirteen "Girls Aren't the Same" 7"


A Power Pop three-piece formed in 1977 by Mark Ferrick (v/b, who composed the A-side of Dean Wyman's lone 1978 single), Jim Ferrick (d) and Ian McKean (gtr), Thirteen never managed to gain press coverage and their lone 7" was released in France, Germany and Holland, but not in the UK. Recorded in January 1979 with Phil Cordell co-producing, drums on the 7" were played by Mark Ferrick on one track and a session player on another following the death of his brother Jim shortly before the session. Ian McKean resurfaced a few years later with Twenty Flight Rockers and with Balaam & The Angel, a New Wave combo born from the ashes of U.X.B. Note: a different Oxford-based five-piece group also called Thirteen issued a 7" on the Square label in 1980.

From Purepop:

Girls Aren't the Same is a fine Powerpop performance which somehow didn't gain a release in the UK at the time. The harmonies and guitars are spot on, although the instant melody/hook can become a tad repetitive after a few plays. The B side is the killer in my book. Featuring Ian McKean driving and cutting guitars, Teddy Boy rocks out in fine straight ahead Stones/Streak mode. Ian's style is pure Rock N Roll and he later also played lead guitar on 2 or 3 tracks of the second Fortunate Sons LP (Karezza) in 1986.

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