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Trampoline Team "Kill You EP" 7"

Trampoline Team "Kill You EP" 7"



Textured glued sleeves, two sided risograph insert done by Oddities Prints, DL code included.

New Orleans’ fire-at-will TRAMPOLINE TEAM bounce back with Kill You, a four-song crash test with death (yours specifically!) as the central thematic concern.  “Kill You On A Streetcar” very nearly approaches hardcore, with the slicing central riff retracting juuuuuust enough to allow for another rapid-stab hook.  These moments of punky gallantry appear throughout the EP, each showcasing TT’s expert knack for legit lost-art garage punk, turn ‘o the century style --- steeped in smirk, obscured by hiss, down to kill.  Those already clued-in enough to be on board have new cause to careen, but Kill You oughta prove most deadly for the as-yet uninitiated.  Does Lucky Dog even accept Kroner?  For your sake, we hope so.  In obvious parlance:  KILLER.

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