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V/A "Designer Records Presents: Together" LP

V/A "Designer Records Presents: Together" LP


-Side 1-

The Jubillee Humming Birds
1. Will the Lord Be With Me - Feat. Rev. Al Banks
2. I Love the Lord - Featuring E.L. Whitaker
3. Beautiful Thought - 
Feat. Rev. Al Banks & Clyde Isom

Union Gospel Singers

4. If You Miss Me From Singing - Featuring J.D. Foster
5. Jesus on the Line - Featuring Rev. W.J. Glaspy
6.New Burying Ground - Featuring J.D. Foster

-Side 2-

Madam Andrews and the Heavenly Echoes
1. Somebody Help Me - Featuring Madam Andrews 
2. Service For the Lord - Featuring Lana Wilson

3. Nobody Could Do It - Featuring Rev. Harold Guss

The Mosby Family Singers 
4. Come We That Love the Lord - Featuring Irene Mosby

5. Eternal Life - Featuring Irene Mosby
6. The Life I Enjoy (Jesus Gave to Me) - Featuring Rochelle Mosby

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