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V/A "Discontinuous Innovation Inc. Product Sampler" LP

V/A "Discontinuous Innovation Inc. Product Sampler" LP



Full color jackets, Corporate Overview pamphlet, DL code included.

Neck Chop’s prime corporate directive for the fiscal year is to partner with like-minded firms on projects that are mutually beneficial and present limitless opportunities for future expansion.  With that, cutting-edge Bay Area entity DISCONTINUOUS INNOVATION, INC. has agreed to a co-branded effort whereby Neck Chop will saturate the vinyl market with a curated set of digital-only offerings from the stable of DI, Inc.’s authentically underground artists.  Product Sampler is intended to act as a phase-one influencer in a mutual long-haul effort to turn the artisanal into the institutional, the fledgling into the canonical and to ultimately permeate the consumer consciousness of every Punk™ for generations to come.

To retain each firm’s respective grass-roots beginnings, Product Sampler selections were finalized during a Casual Friday whiteboard session (lunch was provided) held at a neutral office park.  Representatives from Neck Chop insisted on the inclusion of both NEO NEOS and ERIK NERVOUS, as a working relationship had already been established via prior well-received projects.  DI, Inc. were adamant about LANDLINE, TOYOTA and WONDER BREAD, all of whom have a reputation in crafting challenging yet critically acclaimed work for other competing imprints.  Perhaps the true coup engineered through Product Sampler are the installments from SCANTRON, MR. RIB, SAFETY CTRL, PLUNK 67, HOUSTON & THE PROBLEMS, LOOSE CHANGE and/or STUCKO.  Point of fact:  street credibility can’t be bought, though we’ve stacked the deck with these upstarts.

Product Sampler:  ground-floor confusion for this modern age of clarity.  For supplemental materials [process flows, org charts, branded koozies, Roland TR-66 manuals, etc.), please contact Neck Chop via standard industry protocol.  DI, Inc. wishes to forgo receipt of any correspondence and opts to accept wired funds / crypto via any illicit channel seen fit.

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