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V/A "Holland Hardcore V.1" 2xLP

V/A "Holland Hardcore V.1" 2xLP


Double LP Compilation featuring 80's Hardcore bands from Holland.


A1 Squits C.S.G. 2:01
A2 Squits People 1:10
A3 Squits 60's Love 0:47
A4 Squits Slaughter 1:21
A5 Squits Oma's 1:20
A6 Squits Big Star 0:56
A7 Squits C.S.G. (Reprise) 2:25
A8 Vikings Neglect The Fascist Cal 1:40
A9 Vikings Civil War 2:00
A10 Vikings Love Your Country 1:37
A11 Vikings I Want You 1:54
A12 Vikings State Of Emergency 1:47
A13 Vikings Tomorrow 1:45
B1 Zmiv Crime 1:22
B2 Zmiv Torture 1:36
B3 Zmiv Soon Come To You (Government Spy) 2:16
B4 Zmiv Pyschopath 1:02
B5 Zmiv Beware (Banzai, Here's Zmiv...) 1:07
B6 Zmiv Deur Oefenruimte 0:10
B7 Zmiv Total Noise 1:50
B8 Zmiv Setto Explode 1:34
B9 Zmiv Soft-Fame 0:33
B10 Zmiv Fame 1:03
B11 Stanx Oh My God 2:05
B12 Stanx De T.R.O.S. 0:59
B13 Stanx I Hate 0:57
B14 Stanx Reagan 1:32
B15 Stanx Rechts 1:05
B16 Stanx No Use 1:39
B17 Stanx Cancer 1:48
B18 Stanx Reagan 2 0:53
C1 Zweetkutten Geen Geloof 0:48
C2 Zweetkutten Grolsch 1:35
C3 Zweetkutten Kermis 0:38
C4 Zweetkutten Patat Dubbel Met 1:23
C5 Zweetkutten Atoom Geweld 0:33
C6 Zweetkutten Ome Willum 0:28
C7 Zweetkutten Zelfmoord 0:45
C8 Zweetkutten Polen Aan Me Zolen 0:50
C9 Zweetkutten Naar De Kloten 0:55
C10 Zweetkutten De Fascist 1:02
C11 Glorious Death Army Life Paradise 2:07
C12 Glorious Death Love Story 1:58
C13 Glorious Death The News 1:21
C14 Glorious Death GASP 1:42
C15 Glorious Death R.I.P. 2:07
C16 Glorious Death Money 0:50
C17 Glorious Death Jesus Christ Superstar 2:00
C18 Glorious Death Police State(ment) 0:59
D1 Lärm Our Future 0:38
D2 Lärm Nijpels Face 0:29
D3 Lärm Pigeon 0:44
D4 Lärm Disorder 0:39
D5 Lärm Ban The Bomb 0:38
D6 Lärm Too Old 0:55
D7 Lärm Revolting Youth 0:44
D8 Lärm Country Life 0:47
D9 Lärm Only Reality (Is Dead For The Childeren In The 3rd World) 0:12
D10 Lärm Passive Punx 0:23
D11 Knåx Sports 0:35
D12 Knåx Country & Western 1:05
D13 Knåx They're Asking For It 1:22
D14 Knåx Little Girls 1:04
D15 Knåx Gerontofiel 1:14
D16 Knåx Indians 1:00
D17 LàResistance Pitt Pils 0:34
D18 LàResistance Between 4 Walls And Bars 2:52
D19 LàResistance Royal Family 1:19
D20 LàResistance Scheisse 2:04
D21 LàResistance Russians 2:24


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