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V/A I Don't Care The No Fun and Plurex Singles 1978 LP


Just a heads up - I don't think I'll be able to get this again.

Side A: Chapter No Fun

God's Heart Attack "Treat Me Like A Doll", "Ain't No Hooker",

Helmettes "I Don't Care What The People Say", "1/2 2"

Mecano Ltd "Face Cover Face", "Fools"

Subway "Jesus Loves Me (But I Don't Care)", "You Gotta Support"

Side B: Chapter Plurex

TITS "Daddy Is My Pusher", "We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead"

Mollesters "Plastic", "I Am"

Filth "Don't Hide Your Hate", "Sex", "Nothing For Me"

Ton Van Der Meer "Niets Aan Me Leven", Ik Zie 't Niet Meer Zitten"

"A superb vinyl collection of early DUTCH PUNK and NEW WAVE from the NO FUN and PLUREX labels, two independent companies that released a handful of -by now highly collectable- singles in 1978, paving the way for DIY generations to come. This is essential stuff for anyone interested in (not only Dutch) punk history! The two tracks from Ton van der Meer, a singer from The Hague, weren't released back in the day and appear here for the first time." - Label

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