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V/A Killed By Death #17 Cassette

V/A Killed By Death #17 Cassette


Killed By Death #17 straight from HELL, NORWAY. All American Punk, No Foreign Junk! A star studded line-up from this later volume with tasty treats from The Mad, Mentally Ill, Normals, Victims, Maids, Reactors, Vores, Chain Gang, our old pal Count Vertigo and so much more....with insert/liners. Limited to 50 copies. I'm a mutant!


1 The Mad Eye Ball
2 Mentally Ill Padded Cell
3 Shirkers* Suicide
4 Max Load X-Road
5 Normals* Hardcore
6 Victims (2) Annette
7 Maids* I Do I Do
8 Reactors* I Am A Reactor
9 Count Vertigo I'm A Mutant
10 Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell Angel Of Madness
11 Chain Gang Cannibal Him
12 Stimulators* Run Run Run
13 Mary Monday Pop Gun
14 Vores* Get Outta My Way
15 Shock (7) I Wanna Be Spoiled
16 Active Dog Good Filthy Fun

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