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V/A Killed By Death #9 Cassette

V/A Killed By Death #9 Cassette


KBD #9 straight from HELL, NORWAY. With liner notes, the fellas over at Redrum upped the production values this time around with new cassettes this time, no more recycled church tapes.....BREAK MY FACE.

With hits from Tapeworm, Crap Detectors, Ice Nine, Vains, Gizmos, Hammer Damage, La Peste and more...


A1 Tapeworm Break My Face
A2 Tapeworm Blues For An Insurance Salesman
A3 Crap Detectors Police State
A4 Corpsicles Big Doings
A5 The Panics I Wanna Kill My Mom
A6 The Nothing Uniformz
A7 Epicycle You're Not Gonna Get It
A8 Accident Kill The Bee Gees
A9 The Jetsons Suicidal Tendencies
B1 Hammer Damage Laugh
B2 The Shirkers Drunk & Disorderly
B3 Vains School Jerks
B4 Gizmos Amerika First
B5 La Peste Better Off Dead
B6 Sado Nation On Whom They Beat
B7 x_x You're Full Of Shit
B8 Breakouts In Vagueness Deal
B9 Ice Nine Revolting Mess

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