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V/A "Real Delusions - The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991" 2xLP

V/A "Real Delusions - The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991" 2xLP


Black vinyl, 300 copies. Gatefold jacket plus insert.

Long before death and black metal took over the extreme metal scene in the 90’s, denim-clad teenagers were making a racket across basements and rehearsal spaces across Finland. The Finnish speed and thrash metal genres were at their most vital from 1987 to 1991, and this definitive compilation collects together both the biggest hits like Stone, Airdash and Prestige and the most remarkable underdogs from the demo scene of the time, such as Necromancer, Oppression and D.I.E.

Stone: Real Delusion (from Real Delusion 7″)
Defier: System of Oppression (from Overture of Annihilation EP)
Statue: Face The Life (from Comes To Life LP)
Waltari: Isolated (from Monk Punk LP)
Santa Lucia: Perse palaa (from Arktista hysteriaa LP)
Faff-Bey. S&M Party (from S&M Party 7″)
Charged: A.C.N.R. (from In Vice LP)
Dirty Damage: Fire E.E. (from …It’s Amazing LP)
Massacre: My War (from A Dream – unreleased LP)
D.I.E.: Religious Falsehood (from eponymous 7″)
Sceptical Schizo: Holy War (from Demo #1)
Protected Illusion: Greetings From Hell (from Festering Fairytales demo)
A.O.D. (Altars of Destruction); Guilty or Not (from Demo 1988)
National Napalm Syndicate: Deathwish (from eponymous LP)
Warmath: The Hardest Core (from Damnation Play LP)
Airdash: Helluva Noise (from Thank God It’s Monday LP)
Dethrone: Powermad (from Powermad 7″)
Prestige: Force of My Hate (from Attack Against Gnomes LP)
Necromancer: Liquid Sky (from Downfall 12″)
Oppression: Parasites (from Demo 1988)

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