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Violent Change "3" LP

Violent Change "3" LP


Side A: Marvelous Tones, Unit A, Potemkin, Never Felt The Air, KGEN (Instrumental)

Side B: Marble Mansion, Television, Colors Of The Pine, In Existence, KGEN


"VC3 is—you guessed it—the third LP from San Francisco’s Violent Change, a brand new collection of hazy pop channeled through submarine-fidelity noise. If you were among the fans of their previous records, this remains heavily dissociative music; if it helps to paint the picture, the live band now includes members of Bay Area favorites Rays and Life Stinks, though these recordings here are a whole different grade of barbiturate. Still, take note: from the opening notes of the second track, “Unit A”, it’s immediately apparent that bandleader Gladys Bleyle has learned to let his melodic brilliance shine. This is Violent Change’s real pop moment, an album of lonesome romanticism on par with Shoes’ 'One In Versailles' and Chris Bell’s 'I Am The Cosmos.' I kid you not, this record is that good. A co-release of Melters and It Take Two." - It Takes Two

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