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Vixens "S/T" LP

Vixens "S/T" LP


Side A: Intro/DBeat, Silly Punk, Hatefuck, Personal Habits

Side B: Broken Scenes, Already Know, Absolute Complacency, Scabs, House Taken Over


"Vixens look like the Runaways before they met Kim Fowley, and sound like Gallhammer before they discovered doom. Unrequited anger oozes from every pore of this monster, a triumph of will over talent"
- Jean Encoule

"We couldn't have said better. VIXENS are a low-fi hardcore band from Halifax, Canada which reeks of irreverent punk. These 4 women take you on a deranged 9 song trip telling you about their personal habits with absolutely complacency until you learn that you can live without thinking. A Crucial mess if I am allow to say it." - La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

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