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Void "Raw Material / Post-Atomic" 7" + Zine


Side A: Raw Material

Side B: Post-Atomic


* Not to be confused with the, later, DC hardcore Void *

"Void were formed in Canning Town, East London during 1977, enamoured of Roxy Music and inspired by punk’s do-it-yourself philosophy, briefly haunting the general Roxy Club/Vortex punk circuit of that year before guitarist Stuart Sepple and skinhead violinist Lou Nachhiro formed a new line-up in 1978. Now based around Deptford, SE London, this new line-up evolved a more expansive, original style than the first incarnation, though they never quite managed to capture their live wall-of-sound adequately in any studio recordings. Spending the first 6 months of 1979 playing London/SE England, often with other bands in a burgeoning Deptford scene such as Virus, New Devices and the Monitors, they moved onto other things later that summer after one gig riot too many. These two tracks were recorded in 1979 at Spaceward Studios. Raw Material may just imagine future sexual union between man and machine and is typical fast and punchy late 70’s punk with a production that lends it a “New Wave” sheen along with a touch of early Ultravox, whilst Post-Atomic is mid-paced with heavy dubby-bass to the fore and similarly Ballardian lyrics that conjure up the dystopian post-nuclear nightmares of their time.  
Comes in a sealed poly bag with DEFIANT POSE Issue 9 and a postcard of two 1978-9 gig ads. 36 A4 pages, includes interviews with VOID and THE SUBURBAN HOMES, plus articles on The Eagle (late 70’s punk club), Acklam Hall, 70’s roots reggae man GLEN BROWN, Gary Asquith remembering the early punks of Paris plus a short chat with Tanya Rich (DISCHARGE manager 1977-80)" - Inflammable Material Records

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