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Wash "S/T" Cassette

Wash "S/T" Cassette


Khomeini Rebirth, Sanctum, Iron Path, Survival, Dead Zone, Inarguable, Public Use, Long Walk


Straight from GG King's tofu-hole:
The bassman cometh! Hallellujah and hail satan, legendary Atlanta (and onetime Philadelphia) musician Chris Van Etten, he of varied and storied acts such as Flak Scrampe Tramauntra, GG King, Carbonas, Otophobia, Endless Nightmare, Waste Layer, Bukkake Boys, etc. has finally bestowed upon us his sonic vision of interpersonal hell. Surprisingly tuneful and delivered with succinct ferocity, this is a solid, distinct musical statement from an unabashed lifer. Raging post hardcore with an emphasis on the core, man. Shoulda been a 12", but alas..

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