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Safety Pin Zine #1 (w/ Stunt Kites 7")


Legendary Sheffield fanzine editor Martin X Russian is producing a Punk fanzine entitled 'Safety Pin'. Issue number one comes with the 5-track 33rpm 7" single, "The Action 5 EP" by Sheffield punks Stunt Kites. The session on this EP was recorded in 1979 and has been remastered for your vinyl listening pleasure!

Includes Stunt Kites 7"
Originally recorded in 1979, only one track (Beautiful People) has been previously released. Here's the full 'Action 5' EP, remastered for vinyl, issued with issue number 1 of new fanzine 'Safety Pin' which includes an article on the history of Punk in Sheffield ... written by none other than Martin X Russian, legendary editor of New Musickal Excess (or NMX) from the late 70s onwards.

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