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Erik Nervous "Shipshewana Swimming" 7"

Erik Nervous "Shipshewana Swimming" 7"


"Teenage punker ERIK NERVOUS from the northern Indiana punk scene wowed Mark Winter (CONEHEADS, C.C.T.V) and Martin Meyer (LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS) by sharing his tape at a show in Kalamazoo. After the show they offered to distribute it under their own respective labels (Records Inc. and Lumpy Records). The tapes sold out immediately. Now available as a 7" from Warm Ratio. Erik's obsession with the '77-'81 DIY punk/post punk era is unmistakable as it is hard to believe this stuff wasn't recorded in the U.K. 35 years ago. A five track EP with three songs written and performed by Erik, along with two brilliant covers of "Bridgeport Lathe" by the 2X4's and "Black Holes" by The Urinals." - Revolver


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